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Shelina Neallani

Shelina Neallani is a Lawyer, a Family Law Mediator accredited by the Law Society of British Columbia, and a member of the Mediate BC Family Roster. Specializing in collaborative family law and mediation, Shelina can help resolve your disputes in a professional and confidential manner.

Whether acting as your Mediator or Collaborative Family Lawyer, as a Dispute Resolution Professional, Shelina Neallani will assist you in defining the issues that are in dispute and reaching an agreement. With over 25 years of combined training and professional experience in law, social work and mediation, Shelina brings a wide and varied mix of expertise to her collaborative family law and mediation practice.

Shelina Neallani can help you discuss and make agreements regarding:

As a published writer, an established speaker and sought after management consultant, Shelina Neallani will assist you and your organization with subjects related to mediation, conflict resolution and the law.

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