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Shelina Neallani has degrees in Social Work and Law and is an accredited Family Law Mediator with the Law Society of British Columbia.

Shelina was called to the Ontario Bar in 1991 and to the B.C. Bar in 1995. With over 25 years of combined training and professional experience in Law, Social Work and Mediation, she brings a wide and varied mix of expertise to her collaborative family law and mediation practice.


Through her extensive experience in litigation, Shelina recognizes that court should be the last resort. Court can be expensive, inefficient, and divisive, although sometimes necessary.

Her approach is to resolve disputes outside of the court process as much as possible and to assist parties in reaching an agreement using the spectrum of techniques from more interest based to more evaluative approaches in accordance to the needs and wishes of the parties.

Acting as an impartial and confidential facilitator, Shelina encourages communication while maintaining an environment of mutual respect and cooperation between the parties, helping them each gain a better understanding of the other and reducing the conflict and tension. She ensures that each has an opportunity to be heard, manages any power imbalance, and seeks disclosure of all relevant information. She will prepare documentation to record the consensus or agreement reached by the parties.

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Shelina has developed her mediation knowledge and skills over a period of more than 25 years of combined training and professional experience in Social Work, Law and Mediation. This unique professional background has provided her with insight and skill to resolve conflicts in a variety of family and civil matters.

Shelina has conducted numerous family mediations, including serving two years as a Family Justice Counsellor with the Ministry of Attorney General. She joined the Family Roster in 2008 and the Child Protection Roster in 2010. Shelina has also been a member of the Vancouver Justice Access Center’s Roster for Family Property Disputes since 2010. Shelina is a Small Claims Mediator and joined the Civil Roster in 2008. Mediate BC’s rosters are located at

Her goal is to assist parties, by moving through the stages of mediation and ultimately helping them reach agreement.

In addition to her Social Work Degree, Shelina has completed specific mediation training, including:

Mediate BC Society: In addition to completing the Family Mediation Practicum in 2006, and the Small Claims Court Mediation Practicum in 2008, Shelina was a Management Consultant of the Court Mediation Program and was responsible for the professional development of mediators in Small Claims Court in 2010-2011. She then served as the Management Consultant for the Child Protection Program in 2011 and 2012 overseeing a practicum program for child protection mediators, a co-mediation pilot project and a provincial forum for child protection dispute resolution professionals. She is currently a Management Consultant for Mediate BC and works closely with the other managers at Mediate BC in developing professional development opportunities for mediators. She is also a Project Manager for the Child Protection Mediation Scheduling Service as well as the Child Support Eligibility Mediation Project and a Mediator for that project.

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After obtaining a Bachelor of Social Work in 1986 and a Bachelor of Law in 1989 (both from the University of British Columbia), and being called to the bar in Ontario (1990) and in B.C. (1995), Shelina Neallani began a rewarding career as a lawyer, specializing in family & civil law.

Shelina practiced primarily family law until 2002, when she expanded her family litigation practice to include insurance litigation, specializing in motor vehicle accident litigation.

She has expertise in the Provincial Courts (family / youth / criminal / small claims), as well as in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Positions held include:

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